Partnering with Airbnb

Our partners lead creative and receive tremendous visibility on our platform.

What we look for


Mission fit

Does this brand share our values of discovery, adventure, and inclusiveness, while exciting consumers (and us) with its approach to marketing?



Does the timing of the proposed partnership have the potential to generate positive awareness on a global scale?


Buzz factor

Does the proposed partnership have the capacity to create viral buzz in the press and on social media?


Community power

Can the partner harness a robust community of fans to spread the joy and excitement of Night At?


A singular experience

Does the proposed Night At provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience that fans can’t get anywhere else?

What we bring

We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for rigorous creativity. We’ve been a disruptive force—both in our product and our marketing—and our Night At campaigns are a primary example of how we bring these two together to make the world take notice. Partnering with us on a Night At campaign, you’ll benefit from our industry credibility, broad fan base, and ability to command attention on the global stage.

Night At metrics

For each Night At, we determine the relevant metrics to track based on the creative and planned distribution channels. Here are a few of the most common ones.


Earned impressions

With our internal data monitoring, we estimate of the number of impressions served organically into social feeds from users posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the predominant channels of the host country.


YouTube & Facebook Live views

We measure publicly displayed views of promotional videos and live streams on YouTube and Facebook.


Shares & likes

We collect likes, shares, and retweets on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Press hits

We use internal and third-party monitoring to track mainstream media coverage.


Page views & contestant countries

We track the number of listing page views and contest submissions coming from each market.

We also utilize self-reported data from our partners.

The Night At roadmap

Here’s how to go from Day 1 to Night At:


Get the big picture

Secure a venue and host, design the arc of the experience, and solidify the timing of the campaign.


Prep the listing

Construct or prepare the Night At space (including the sleeping area and bathroom). Photograph the space and create your Airbnb listing.



Your team will draft and distribute a press release announcing the Night At, and Airbnb will amplify it by engaging our fans on social media and other channels.


The experience

The lucky participating fans will come for their Night At stay—providing an unforgettable experience for them and an opportunity to capture rich promotional content for you.

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