Night At Home of the Boston Red Sox

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About this Night At

Legendary Fenway Park is more than a landmark. For Bostonians and Red Sox fans around the world, it’s a source of pride. The park and franchise were looking for a way to boost the coming season while celebrating the love that fans have for their team, city, and ballpark.

Fenway and the Sox partnered with Airbnb to invite two lucky guests to spend the night at the ballpark that so many Bostonians call home. Within 24 hours, the story was covered by more than 100 publications, while social shares put the contest in front of millions more fans. For Fenway and the Sox, it was—you guessed it—a home run.

Word on the street

"This is like having a golden ticket to tour Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Just the baseball version."
-Yahoo Sports
"A once-in-a-lifetime stay at Fenway Park."
-Men’s Fitness
"A ‘suite sleep over’ for two Red Sox fans who are getting ready for a dream night at Fenway."
-CBS Boston

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