Night At Van Gogh’s Bedroom

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About this Night At

The Art Institute of Chicago partnered with Airbnb to meticulously recreate Van Gogh’s iconic bedroom series as a real-world, 3D space, where they welcomed guests to stay the night. Fans of Van Gogh experienced their favorite artist’s paintings in ways never before possible.

The excitement was contagious: the story of Van Gogh’s bedroom was featured in major publications in more than 100 countries. More than 30 million people saw the contest through earned social impressions and The Art Institute saw their ticket sales skyrocket. After the event, museum attendance reached its highest point in 15 years.

Word on the street

"Ten bucks is all it costs to dream in color inside a Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece."
-NBC News
"The installation brings to life one of ‘the most iconic bedrooms in art,’ with the walls and furniture decorated in the colours and post-impressionist style that Van Gogh is famed for."
-The Guardian
"It is one thing to see a world-famous painting. It is another thing to stay in it."
-Advertising Age

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