Night At the Home of the Audi R8

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About this Night At

Audi partnered with Airbnb to generate buzz for the new R8, spark their fans' imaginations, and take some lucky guests on the ride of a lifetime.

Guests stayed in style and seclusion in Death Valley—and tested the limits of speed on the ultimate proving ground. The TV spot premiered during the Emmys® and gave the campaign an immediate boost: social media was set ablaze and the video spot was viewed by over 4 million people on YouTube. It’s no surprise that with this fast crowd, the rental was booked within 5 seconds each time it became available.

Word on the street

"Audi and Airbnb offer up a crazy house in Death Valley, and a great ad to go with it. Up for a little ‘Desolation?’"
"This desert test drive is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
-Fast Company
"'Desolation' marks a movement away from Audi’s focus on an older demographic and towards Generation X and millennials."

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