Night At the Shark Aquarium

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The Paris Aquarium invites their guests to see the majesty of the undersea world every day. With Airbnb, they let them truly live it. A 360-degree submarine research room was donated by Airbnb, where adventurous fans spent a night sleeping (or not) with the sharks.

When the contest was announced, the world held their breath. As the press went into a frenzy covering the contest, site visits and sign ups from around the globe swelled. Visitors from 165 countries entered the contest while social shares reached nearly 30 million earned impressions. The Aquarium gained huge exposure to an international audience, and a chance to show the world that these fascinating creatures are not so scary after all.

Word on the street

"Take a look at this incredible bedroom inside a shark tank at the Aquarium de Paris in France, where you can literally spend the night surrounded by 35 sharks."
-ABC News
"Insomniacs will be counting sharks instead of sheep during an overnight stay at the Paris Aquarium."
"The peer-to-peer rental site has teamed up with France's Aquarium de Paris to give adrenaline junkies a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.’"

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